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Get to know more about the short film series...

At Cali Worship, we are incredibly blessed with an abundance of talented creatives. Now, we have the perfect platform to bring together our extraordinary talents and create faith-based films that will captivate audiences far and wide. In a world overshadowed by darkness, our goal is to shine a light brighter than ever before!

This is an extraordinary opportunity for screenwriters, directors, actors, and production crew within our church to showcase their incredible talent. We will closely collaborate with these talented individuals with the intent to develop five awe-inspiring scripts. From this pool and subject to the level of submissions, we will carefully select up to three scripts to bring to life on the big screen. Our aim is to shoot these films during the summer of 2024.

Not only that, but our church members aged 18-25, will have the incredible chance to intern and be mentored by industry experts. Whether you're passionate about glamorous hair and makeup, fascinated by production design and art direction, musically gifted, or interested in film scoring, there's a place for you on set, working alongside industry professionals.

Once the selected films are complete, our goal is to choose one film to be submitted to prestigious film festivals. But this pilot program has an even greater vision. Inspired by the timeless teachings of the Bible, we firmly believe in starting with our own community before reaching out to others. Just as charity begins at home, our determination is to bring this program to countless other churches across the U.S. and eventually globally. Our mission knows no boundaries as we strive to spread faith-based content far and wide, uniting communities and touching lives worldwide. Let's embark on this incredible journey of growth and impact together.

It's time to share our stories of triumph, faith, and victory with a world that eagerly awaits. Join us on this extraordinary journey and let's make history together!

Be on the look out for next steps and additional updates.

If you have any questions, please email: info@newsundayproductions.com.